About Jessie

Well, hello! I’m Jessie Coleman

I’m a health coach, holistic nutritionist and bonafide foodie with a passion for sharing the secrets of healthy living free from restriction, compromise or stress.



I work with women and frequent travellers who are struggling with food restrictions, weight gain and anxiety and instead want to focus their energy on the things that really matter: family, friends, and enjoying life to the fullest! As a health coach and holistic nutritionist, I coach women of all ages to eat without stress and live guilt-free with more energy than ever before.

For those looking to incorporate more into their healthy lifestyle (or for any fellow product junkies!), I also offer my consultancy services on nontoxic skincare, makeup and all personal care products. I pride myself in helping women achieve beautiful, youthful, glowing skin through individually-tailored diet and skincare protocols with resounding success.

What i do

Confused about what foods are making you break out or blow up like a balloon? Why you crave nibbling on a sweet treat every night while watching your shows?What you should eat when you’re starving in the airport? Why it seems so hard for you to like and eat healthy foods?

Would it blow your mind to hear a nutritionist encourage you to EAT FOIE GRAS, EGG YOLKS and STEAK TARTARE? I’m here to be your best friend and guide to strategically make confident food choices without restriction while still having fun and enjoying life’s pleasures. Burn fat, boost your natural beauty and ditch the stress!

I’VE BEEN THERE — and I’ve done the research for you to help you through it.

I help women with busy schedules successfully balance their work, travel and personal lives around enjoying food without starving themselves or binging and gaining it all back. I went through the jumps and hoops of constantly traveling and trying to stay healthy while living abroad {from LA to NY and London to Manila}, and have found a flawlessly successful approach to enjoy life while staying healthy, no matter where you are in the world or how busy you may be!


“But they said butter is bad for you?!”

“My doctor told me to stay away from red meat!”

“My meal replacement shake only has 200 calories!”

“I went vegan and lost 20 lbs!”

“I have to reach my 10,000 steps a day if I’m going to lose weight!” “How quickly will I lose weight if I go keto?”

This is NOT health advice; this is DIET PROPAGANDA. So let’s rewrite that conversation.

I LIVE to debunk diet myths! Forget the misguided health advice that’s made you gain weight, obsess over food, left you starving and stressed out. I have a whole new easy, worry-free

FRAMEWORK for understanding how to make healthier choices without the stress of adhering to a strict list of arbitrary, tasteless foods.


Wherever you are in your health or life, you can always pivot and you can ALWAYS change. Education is the greatest power we have to grow and evolve. We’ll focus on the WHY of nutrition and health so that YOU become the primary authority on interpreting any health advice that comes your way.


I WASN’T HEALTHY GROWING UP — far from it. Raised with a split love of all-natural health food and classic American diner foods.

I had horrible digestive issues growing up that continued to worsen after college, accompanied by crippling depression and anxiety that kept me in a perpetual state of fear. I wasted thousands of dollars on work out classes, diet plans, meal deliveries, bogus nutritionists, juice cleanses and harmful weight-loss drugs. I’ve ascribed to every label on the market: vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, glutinous foodie, paleo, keto, and everything in between.

Healing myself through diet and lifestyle changes was the beginning of my journey and continues to remain my greatest on-going experiment that I’m proud to share with you.

My food philosophy focuses on eating real, simple foods closest to their natural state from the highest quality sources and a totally nonjudgmental, practical approach for epicurious, time- restricted foodies.

I spent precious money and time trying to find the PERFECT diet and routine. I was so confused about WHAT to eat and why I never could find something sustainable enough to stick, especially with how frequently I traveled and how much I loved to eat out at fabulous restaurants.

Through all my experiences and issues, I was always been in the in-between: surviving and getting by, but constantly back and forth and never fully thriving, which kept me from living. I was LOST, depressed, anxiety-ridden, mysteriously sick all the time, and disappointed by doctors and nutritionists who told me my sickness, my stress was “all in my head”, who prescribed me endless amounts of medication as a bandaid for symptoms that just continued to multiply and grow. I was able to become the confident, knowledgeable, energetic woman I am today because I prioritized my health; and I want the same success for you!

KNOW THIS: You are not alone in your struggle. As I continued to speak out to friends and family about overcoming my own issues, I realized the pervasive problem of the “binge and restrict” diet paradigm afflicting so many women across the globe.There had to be a way to still live an adventure-filled, food-loving life while staying healthy, and I knew I had to share my knowledge with as many women as I could.

Every culture I’ve grown to know has taught me something new about health, and I believe that by sharing our experiences and knowledge we can collectively strive for not only optimal health, but greater purpose through this meaningful connection.

I work with clients all over the world, from the Philippines to New York, London to LA, and love to meet with clients over Skype or in-person, when possible. I love a good true crime novel, scuba diving with sea turtles, vintage cars and motorcycles, baking paleo treats, early morning hikes and conspiracy documentaries.