What non-toxic household/cleaning products do you recommend?

I use and absolutely love the DoTerra laundry detergent, toothpaste, deodorant and cleaning solution which I use as my dish soap, as well as a cleaner for the bathroom and kitchen surfaces. It’s great because it uses the same essential oil formula as On Guard, which has a nice spicy citrus scent that many people enjoy, too. I would also recommend Seventh Generation if you’re pressed for time. Switching your cleaning products to non-toxic safer alternatives are one of the most important aspects of cleaning up your home! Children, infants, men and women alike are highly sensitive to artificial fragrance and many of the conventional detergents use surfactants among other toxic ingredients associated with a bevy of health issues that compromise human health.

Do you eat vegan?

I was vegetarian for 5 years during university, then vegan for about two years before I began eating a (mostly) paleo, whole foods, nutrient diet a few years ago. To each their own, but a vegan diet doesn’t really mean anything to me — I’m not concerned with the marketing label of the diet but what its macronutrients and nuances mean. I was very sick on a vegetarian diet, even sicker when I was eating vegan and raw vegan (ESPECIALLY as a woman; our hormonal systems are far more sensitive and we require more fat and protein than men!). I enjoy a ton of vegan food, so long as it’s composed of REAL food that hasn’t been processed — vegetables, a bit of fruit here and there, nuts, seeds, rice occasionally. I do not recommend eating processed vegan foods, such as vegan “meat” or “cheese” that contains corn, soy, wheat or any suspect chemicals. If you can’t pronounce it or buy that individual ingredient itself from the grocery store, don’t consume it. Or if you do want to consume it, don’t excuse it as a healthy alternative. There’s no alternative to real food!

Where do you live?

I moved back to LA last year, but before that, I was living in the Philippines for about three years, the U.K. the year before that, traveled through South East Asia the year before that, all since graduating from university.

Are you a certified nutritionist?

I received my Nutritional Therapy certificate through the Nutritional Therapy Association in Spring of 2018. I explored tons of options, including going back to receive my BS in Nutritional Science or studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, but ultimately, found the NTA to be the most aligned with my own personal philosophy about nutrition and lifestyle. An NTP certification allows me to identify nutritional deficiencies in the body, muscle test as an additional form of testing, and provide nutritional and lifestyle recommendations on a bio-individual basis.

Did you have to apply to work with Beautycounter?

No, it’s easy to join our mission and I encourage anyone who’s curious to just go for it and give it a try! My Beautycounter business works on a sale commission basis, meaning I do am not employed by Beautycounter but do earn a commission based on the sales that come through my personal Beautycounter website, Anyone can (and should!) sign up as a consultant, you can make your own hours and it’s whatever level of commitment you’re ready to make, whether that’s 3 hours per week or your full-time gig. I wish I had joined Beautycounter years ago (a sentiment I hear echoed from other consultants often) because I have truly learned more about entrepreneurship than I would have even in going to business school or taking any course — plus, you get to EARN as you learn. It’s honestly a no-brainer, and we’re always looking for more women to join our movement and encouraging all women to become their own bosses! My Beautycounter business is my FAVORITE part of my job!