One-on-One Health Coaching
& Nutritional Therapy

Want to make “eating healthy” feel easy, effortless and natural even when you’re on the road? Some of the issues I love to help clients with include:

  • Individualized nutritional therapy and support
  • Balancing hormones & fertility support
  • Healing chronic acne, rashes & skin irritations through nutritional support —Immune & chronic pain support
  • Individual detox therapy
  • Healthy weight management & fat loss
  • Health and lifestyle coaching
  • Travel preparation and support while abroad
  • Eating guides for wherever you may be traveling or working
  • Menu consulting for travel and holidays
  • Restaurant recommendations and menu consulting
  • Food, supplement and health product recommendations
  • Improving gut health, hormonal Imbalances and immunity
  • Managing autoimmune diseases and other illnesses
  • Healthy versions of family favorite recipes
  • Grocery shopping support
  • Decoding ingredients and product labels
  • Pantry, fridge and freezer makeovers
  • Consulting for meal planning and organization
  • Proper cooking techniques
  • How to make vegetables {and other healthy foods} taste good
  • Emotional, binge and extreme eating behaviors
  • Corporate nutrition, wellness and lifestyle programs
  • Corporate health and wellness presentations
  • Corporate events and retreats
  • Depression, stress and anxiety management techniques

  • Hormonal Imbalances (menopause, amennorhea, infertility)
  • Digestive Issues (dysbiosis, leaky gut, SIBO, Candida)
  • Mental health support (depression, anxiety, ADD, and many more neurological and mood disorders)
  • Substance abuse and addiction support

Product Review
Want to get the word out about an amazing product or service and looking for the perfect platform to launch? I collaborate with health, travel and many more brands to generate and build a loyal following to get your product into the hands of an ideal audience.

Product + Food Styling
Want to showcase your health, beauty, fashion or travel products but don’t know where to start? I collaborate with brands to deliver beautiful photos, recipes and in-depth features targeted towards your targeted market.

Want to share your own love of all things health, wellness, travel and more? I collaborate with brands, bloggers and influencers to spread the good word on a variety of wellness and travel topics to our shared ideal client base. Pop-ups, events, account takeovers and brand features are some of my favorite ways to collaborate!

Corporate Wellness Events
Want to increase workplace productivity and create an enthusiastic office culture? I create corporate wellness education programs that nourish employees’ bodies and minds.

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